1 August 2018

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

         Every human being holds some kind of fear deeply rooted inside their heart. This fear can be of anything which might be affecting your inner desires. This is a common human nature. We always feel uncomfortable when our mind tries to push ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone. And to come out of that comfort zone what you need to have is “COURAGE”. Our Kataldhar Rappelling activity opened up this opportunity for every individual to take that uncomfortable step , face the hidden fear and show the real courage. I could easily sense and read that fear from people’s face when they are hooked up to a rope and started descending from 450 ft waterfall cliff. There were multiple expressions on everyone’s face includes joy, anxiety, curiosity and fear. At some point, fear was rising straight from the heart and challenging their inner desires however every participants showed great courage to win this mind game and finished waterfall rappelling successfully. 
        This activity truly helped all of us in many ways. Learning to trust your leaders, push your limits to the maximum extend are very important things. As a leader we were guiding and building trust in every participant before their move. We learnt to prepare ourselves for unexpected situations. Introduction to process and every equipment helped every participant to became more comfortable to execute this activity. We ensured that the belay we provided was completely secured. We gave enough confidence to every individual that no matter where they move on rocky patch, they are safe with us. It was definitely not easy for first timer to push themselves for this act however we convinced everyone that you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them. When exposed to height, most people experienced some amount of natural fear. Under our guidance, they could successfully face this challenge and that helped them to reduced anxiety. Descending this gigantic waterfall became one of the thrilling experience for everyone. Along with an adventure, listening to the rhythm of waterfall stimulated inner consciousness of everyone.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone is actually made simpler through this activity and everyone experienced a beginning of new adventurous life again.

© Sameer Divekar
Beyond Mountains

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